한국반도체디스플레이기술학회 2017 노현준 최우수논문상 장비 지능화를 위한 플라즈마 정보 기반의 가상 계측 ... file
한국반도체학술대회 2017 유상원 Best Poster Award Development of Phenomenological Model Based RF Powe...
K-J Seminar 2016 김남균 Best Poster Award Observation of Ions’ Motion near a Multi-Ion-Specie... file
KAPRA 2016 배병준 최우수 포스터 상 충돌성 음극 쉬스 모델을 통한 대기압 유전체 격벽 방... file
ICOPS 2015 Hyun-Joon Roh Outstanding Student Award Improvement of Dynamic Range of Electron Energy Pro... file
오늘 :
77 / 2,347
어제 :
213 / 6,997
전체 :
506,739 / 15,924,560
Recent Papers
SCI 2017 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Optical Diagnostics for Highly-populated Tail of El...
SCI 2017 Physics of Plasmas Bullet-to-streamer transition on the liquid surface... file
SCI 2016 Science of Advanced Materials Characteristics of Molybdenum as a Plasma-Generatin... file
SCI 2016 Metals and Materials International High-Temperature Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Func... file
SCI 2016 Fusion Engineering and Design Deuterium ion irradiation induced blister formation... file

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